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Rt. Rev. Dr. Anantha Raj Rayappan Chelliah

Kanyakumari Diocese

The Kanyakumari Diocese of the Church of South India acknowledges that the Church is the body of Christ. As members of the Diocese, we pledge that we are the members of His body in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. We also confirm that the Holy Bible is the only Constitution to govern us ultimately in all spiritual matters and Diocesan Constitution is one of the means to serve the body of Christ. We affirm our acceptance of our Constitution to which we are fully bound. By His guidance and assistance, we will be loyal to God the Almighty, the Bible and our Constitution.

As an ecclesiastical organization forming part of the Church of South India:
To control, carry on, establish and develop the pastoral, evangelistic, educational, medical, industrial, socilal, economic and other works which belong to it or which it may hereafter undertake;
To administer and deal with properties and other assets which from time to time it owns or enjoys; and
To strive for, and achieve wider co-operation with other Christian denominations, with a view to carrying forward effectively the task of evangelism.

Christian Education & Nurture

With the abundant guidance of God the Almighty, the Department of Christian Education and Nurture is able to serve among children towards transfigured Church. “Let the children come to me and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (Mark 10:14) is the bread and strong base of our ministry.

Our Sunday School children are divided into nine groups on the basis of the age. 45,452 students and 7035 teachers are participating in our Sunday schools this year. We are having our own syllabus “Pullulla Meichal”.

At the beginning of every year, we conduct Teachers’ Training Programme for the above purpose. Every year we conduct Bible Knowledge (B.K.) Exam in different books of the Bible for different age groups. We also conduct the Bible Quest (B.Q.) examination and Peater Cater examination of the C.S.I. Christian Education Department. Every year, on Jan. 26, we celebrate the Diocesan Sunday School festival in one of our Churches when various competitions are conducted at Diocesan level.

Youth Concerns

With the sheer guidance of God Almighty, the Department of Youth Concerns is conducting various programmes among youth in order to help them to grow spiritually, socially and morally. Christian leadership is imparted through well planned and proper conduct of skill training, seminars, Bible studies, and counselling sessions and so on.

The department conducts systematic Bible study through the Christian Endeavour on all Sundays, with deep spiritual curriculum Thisai Kattum Theeba Sthambankal. The department publishes the book Gnana Thalir for our diocesan school students. In order to encourage and identify the talents among the youth, several programmes are conducted viz. Sports Meet, Youth Festival and Kalial Kalai competition. The department itself has its own music team, debate team and arts group. Zonal, district and local level conferences are conducted regularly to bring the youth together.

HR Development

Jesus Christ in Mark 10:45 says that He came to minister and not to be ministered. Accordingly, Rt. Rev. G. Devakadasham, our Bishop, guided and established this department, which is actively involved in various related activities. Training the Church Workers by conducting regular classes to enhance their theological knowledge for their effective ministry is one of the main programmes. Couselling is conducted for individuals, families and students at various levels which is the need of the hour. Christian Mission Education is imparted to the youth on theology. The duration of this course is one year.


All glory to the Almighty God for His wonderful guidance to conduct the various activities bestowed on this department successfully since its inception in 2002 as per the vision of our Bishop Rt. Rev. G. Devakadasham.

“Desopakari”, the official monthly magazine published by the department, contains the activities of the Diocese, useful articles and quiz etc. The Christmas Lantern programme is a special annual festival. The retired Pastors and Church Workers are honoured with an annual retreat, feast and Christmas gift.

Many interested young boys and girls are trained to play the organ through Organ Classes conducted by the department in Nagercoil and Marthandam. The department publishes a souvenir at every annual Diocesan Thanksgiving Festival. Marriage information service, annual memorial service to commemorate the services of Vethamonickam and Ringeltaube, publication of the calendar, diary, devotional book and sermon outlines are the other activities of the department. The above certainly help and guide the members of the Diocese to enhance their spiritual knowledge and lives.

Revival Ministry

Annual Diocesan Vethamonickam – Ringeltaube Convention, Revival Meetings and other spiritual programmes are conducted in various Churches.

Men’s Fellowships

In February 2003 the Men’s Fellowship was started. Men who are above 35 years of age are eligible to the join this fellowship. It is functioning at the local Churches, District and Diocesan levels. “Grace in faith through prayer, service and unity” in the motto of this fellowship. All the Churches are encouraged to start the Men’s Fellowship which will greatly assist to develop the spiritual lives of the members. Their talents and the efforts could be fruitfully utilised for the glory of God.

Women’s Fellowships

The Women’s fellowship is functioning at the Diocesan, District and Congregation levels. The members of the W.F, visit houses, sick persons, conduct bible study and prayers etc. Also, financial assistance is provided for marriages of very needy and poor girls.

Zenana mission work: Women’s Fellowship involves itself to share the gospel through the Zenana Mission. Eight Bible Women are working in various centres. They generally visit the houses of people of other faith, participate in their sufferings, pray for them and also provide counselling. In the evenings they conduct prayers at the centre.

At the beginning of every year, the presidents and the secretaries of each unit come together and plan the activities for the year. The retreat for the spouses of Pastors and Church Workers help them to motivate the local unit effectively. The World day of prayer, Women’s Sunday, All Night Prayer, Retreat, Scripture Knowledge Exam, Music Competition and Girl Child Sunday etc. are conducted annually. The Rexine Bag and tailoring Projects are successfully conducted, which provide employment for women. Pre-school, Sishubhavan Play Day Care Centre are also run for the benefit of small children. Pre- marital counselling is conducted as an extended part of the ministry.

Welfare Schemes

Welfare Schemes: As per the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the vision of our Bishop, Rt. Rev. G. Devakadasham, the following welfare schemes were started in 2002 and are successfully implemented annually.
1. 110 houses have already been constructed and handed over to the homeless.
2. 301 elderly persons are being paid a monthly pension of Rs. 200/- each.
3. 110 needy students have been granted financial assistance for higher studies.
4. 27 needy girls have been provided financial assistance for their marriages.
Lump sum and monthly contributions graciously offered by the members of the Diocese including the Bishop, Pastors and the Lay persons helped the above. Needless to say, the prayers of all concerned greatly assisted to provide the same to the needy persons. The continued prayers and efforts will certainly help to develop the schemes and other activities for His glory.

Workers Welfare Schemes

The department of welfare schemes was formerly known as Revolving Loan Scheme. It was started by Rt. Rev. G. Christdhas, Bishop., CSI Kanyakumari Diocese. All the Church workers and presbytors who were in active service are the members of the scheme.

Contributory loan scheme members contribute every month and the same is given as loan in a very low percentage of interest.

1. To avail loan to the members in active service to meet their urgent needs.
2. To encourage them not to go for higher rate of interest in private finance companies.
3. Avoiding presbytors and Church workers to go behind the money lenders.

New Schemes
1. In 2005 loan scheme introduced by Rt. Rev. G. Devakadasham for the purpose of earning for pension payment.
2. In 2007 new pension scheme introduced by the Bishop for equiping pastors to save for future and to settle a life meaningfully.

1. Helping the Church workers and pastors is savings and to settle their life in the competitive world.
2. To give pension for the retired presbytors and Church workers.


As a result of prayer, a few young students of the Bible College, Bangarapet, started the Hill Tribes Missionary Prayer Band on 31 July, 1962. On 20th May, 1979 it was renamed as the Diocesan Missionary Prayer Band (DMPB) of C. S. I. Kanyakumari Diocese. The DMPB is an evangelistic wing which works mainly among the tribal in the hill tracks of North Tamilnadu.

Rev. D. Elias, Rev. A. Selvaraj and Rev. K. R. William were the pioneer missionaries who started the work at Thekkampattu, a village in Kalrayan Hills, Tamil Nadu. Later other missionaries were appointed to work with them. Presently the DMPB is doing missionary work in Kalrayan, Yercaud, Kolli and Bothai hills of the Eastern Ghats spread over Salem, Dharmapuri, Villupuram, Vellore and Thiruvannamalai districts of Tamilnadu and some parts of North India.

Presently, 14 medical centers are serving the tribal who were without any medical facility before the establishment of our missionary work. 10 Schools are being run with 2893 children and 87 teachers at nursery, primary, middle, high and higher secondary levels. 10 hostels are also being run accommodating 1345 students. There is a heavy rush for admissions in these hostels. But we are not in a position to admit more students due to lack of building facilities.

Missionary work in North India too was started. In the first phase, work was started in Orissa from 2003. One field coordinator and 42 missionaries are working among the 200 villages in Bolangir, Kandhamal and Kalahandi districts. Recently we have deputed 11 Missionaries to Chhattisgarh state. Furthermore, we are planning to depute missionaries to Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Uttaranchal states.

At present there are 239 field missionaries, 15 medical missionaries, 87 missionary teachers and 13 Deputy Wardens aggregating to 354 working in 204 mission fields. Further there are 13 Promotional Workers and 7 Office Staff working full time in addition to many volunteers working in various fields. We have constructed 65 Churches and 55 houses in our mission fields. We have to construct more Church buildings and houses where they are highly needed. From this academic year we have started one English Medium Nursery and Primary School at Serapattu.

We are proud to report that we get 100% result in the SSLC public exam and above 87% in the Higher Secondary examination. Much is accomplished. Yet more has to be achieved. In fact, we have miles to go. God, who has been enabling us to make inroads into the deep forest, will definitely help us to move further.

Home Missionary Society

The Home Missionary Society (HMS) is a missionary wing of the Kanyakumari Diocese working in the District among the unreached communities. It was formed on 15th of March 1900 and has established more than 161 Churches. In 1910 the H.M.S. was divided into two as South Kerala H.M.S. and Kanyakumari H.M.S. Till date 63 fully developed Churches had been handed over to the Kanyakumari Diocese. Presently there are 60 Churches. A few new congregations are conducting services under the shade of trees, house verandahs and thatched sheds. All the work of the HMS is carried out through prayers and financial support of believers who also help to build Churches. The second Sunday of March each year is followed as HMS Sunday by the Diocese.


Higher Secondary Schools
Scott Christian Higher Secondary School for Boys - Nagercoil
Duthie Higher Secondary School for Girls - Nagercoil
C.S.I. Higher Secondary School for Girls - Neyyoor
C.S.I. Higher Secondary School for Girls - Marthandam
C.S.I. Higher Secondary School - Mathicode
C.S.I. Higher Secondary School - Jamestown
C.S.I. Higher Secondary School for Boys - Marthandam
Ringeltaube Memorial Higher Secondary School - Mylaudy
C.S.I. Higher Secondary School - Christucoil
C.S.I. Higher Secondary School - Kadamalaikuntu
C.S.I. Higher Secondary School - Zionpuram
C.S.I. Higher Secondary School - Thamaraikulam
C.S.I. V.V. Higher Secondary School - Irenepuram
C.S.I. Higher Secondary School - Venkanji
Hacker Memorial Higher Secondary School - Neyyoor
C. S. I. Matriculation Higher Secondary School - Nagercoil

High Schools
C.S.I. High School for Girls - Santhapuram
C.S.I. V. V. High School for Girls - Irenepuram

Middle Schools
Kannangulam Middle School
Levinchipuram Middle School
Eathamozhi Middle School
Corrimony Middle School

Primary Schools
Duthie Tamil Primary School - Nagercoil
Duthie Tamil Nursery School - Nagercoil
Morton English Primary School - Nagercoil
CSI Christ Tamil Primary School - Kamarajapuram
Sishu Bhavan - Nagercoil

Special Schools
C. S. I. School for the Deaf - Kottaram
School for the Visually Handicapped - Irenepuram
Bishop Gnanadason Arivu Illam - Kotticode at Chithiramcode
C. S. I. School for Mentally Retarded - Alancode


It is an acknowledged fact that the missionaries have rendered woman service to the cause of education at all levels in the whole world and it is specially so in South India. If Kanyakumari District ranks first in the state of Tamil Nadu in the literacy rate, it is because of the sacrificial service rendered by the foreign and local missionaries in the field of education.

Vision of the first Missionary
Rev. Ringletaube started an English medium school at Mylaudy in 1809. This was the first English school in the state of Travancore. Students were taught scripture, English, Tamil and Sanskrit. Rev. Charles Mead continued this effort after his arrival in 1818 and shifted the school at Mylaudy to Nagercoil. Rev. Charles believed that the English school at Nagercoil could one day become a college, which materialized in 1893. During his tenure numerous schools and Churches were established and by 1827 there were forty four schools in Travancore. Mrs. Johanna, wife of Rev. Charles Mead, was instrumental in starting various English medium girls’ schools with the first one at Nagercoil.

The turn of the twentieth century did not arguer well for our mission schools. The Travancore Education Code curbed the independent functioning of our institutions and remained an obstacle to further growth and their very existence. Experienced teachers who made sacrifices for the establishment of schools were dubbed unqualified and many of them were removed from service. Scripture was not allowed to be taught in schools. Church buildings were prohibited from being used as schools. There was a necessity to construct separate school buildings and 157 school buildings were constructed. In places where buildings could not be constructed the schools were closed and therefore 57 schools had to be closed. The introduction of compulsory education scheme in 1946-47 lead to the surrender of almost all schools to the government – a step in retrograde which marred the progress of Christian presence in the field of education.

Technical Education
The vision of our missionaries was fulfilled with the establishment of an Industrial Training Institute in Nagercoil, a Polytechnic College in Nagercoil and finally an Institute of Technology in Thovalai [the first Engineering College of the entire C.S.I.]. We have started the work of Maharasan Vethamonikam Polytechnic and Sinclair Memorial Enginering College at Marthandam.

College Education
After the formation of the Kanyakumari Diocese in 1959 importance began to be given for college education and establishment of colleges. The first school at Nagercoil was converted into a co-education college, Scott Christian College, and later shifted to its present venue in 1971. It became an autonomous institution in 2005 and is now a deemed university. With the completion of shifting of Scott Christian College to the prevailing new campus of about 45 acres the old campus fell vacant and subsequently in 1973 the Women’s Christian College was established in old campus. The process of growth and the resultant passing of power to the Indians culminated in the starting of a new Arts and Science College in Marthandam in 1964. It became a first grade degree college in the very next year and at present it is a post graduate college with a number of courses even offering research programme. The list of Colleges, Institutes, Para-medical Schools and College are listed below.

C.S.I. Matriculation Higher Secondary School : Started in 1980 in the Building where the first Bishop of Diocese the late Rt. Rev. I. R. H. Gnanadason used to live. The matriculation school with higher secondary section under the self- financing scheme has become an institute of pride to the Kanyakumari Diocese.

Scott Christian College - Nagercoil
Web: www.scottchristian.org
Nesamony Memorial Christian College - Marthandam
Web: www.nmcc.ac.in
Women’s Christian College - Nagercoil
Web : www.wccngl.com
C.S.I. Teacher’s Training Institute - Irenepuram
Web: www.csivvtti.org
Christian College of Education - Marthandam
Web: www.christiancollegeofeducation.edu.in
C.S.I. College of Physical Education
Web : Www.Ccpe.Co.In
Moderator Gnanadason Polytechnic College - Nagercoil
C. S. I. Motor Mechanic Training Centre - Nagercoil
C.S.I.I.T.I. - Kaliakkavilai
C. S. I. Institute Of Technology - Thovalai
Web: www.csiit.ac.in
C.S.I. School of Nursing - Neyyoor
C.S.I. Sschool of Nursing - Marthandam
C.S.I. Christian College of Nursing - Neyyoor
Web: www.ccnneyyoor.org
C.S.I. Christian College of Nursing, Marthandam
C.S.I. Christian College Of Physiotheraphy, Colachel
Vethamonickam Memorial CSI Polytechnic College Viricode, Marthandam
Web: www.vm-csi-polytechnic.org

Medical Mission

Healing Ministry
The first Medical Missionary was Dr. Archibald Ramsay. He started his medical ministry on 6th of April 1838 by establishing South Travancore Medical Mission in Neyyoor. In 1959 with the formation of Kanyakumari Diocese the South Travancore Medical Mission was divided into South Kerala Medical Mission and Kanyakumari Medical Mission. An International Cancer Centre was started in 1967.

Work among the lepers
Starting of work among the lepers in 1888 by Dr. Frg marked an important chapter in the history of Medical Ministry in Travancore. The establishment of Charles Peace Memorial Leporosy Hospital – the only one of its kind in the whole of Travancore brought hope and new life to hundreds and thousands of Lepers who were forsaken by their own families. The Leprosy hospital and a home for the children of leprosy patients are functioning well now in Udayarvilai.

Nursing Education
When Miss MacDonald was appointed Nursing Superintendent in 1892 a Nursing School was started in Neyyoor. Another Nursing school was started in Marthandam. A College of Nursing was started at Neyyoor.

Other Paramedical Institutions
In 1986 Diploma in Radiographer course was started in Neyyoor. In 1988, Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology, Certificate in Radiology Assistant and Medical Record Teratology courses were started in Neyyoor.

Health Care
The Medical Mission at Neyyoor with branch hospitals in Marthandam, Kulasekaram, Nagercoil, Colachel and Karungal have various speciality departments.

Employment Bureau

Website: www.csikkdeb.org
Phone: 04652-227775
It shall be termed as the C.S.I.K.K. Diocesan Employment Bureau (DEB). It shall function at the Diocesan Office, 71 A – Dennis Street, Nagercoil – 629 001.

To centralize the recruiting procedure, facilitating placements in the various institutions of our Diocese, without any bias and on the values of Christian faith and principles.

The Diocesan Employment Bureau is a permanent body consisting of a Convener and nine members from the Churches with communicant status of the CSI Kanyakumari Diocese, other than the employees of the Diocesan institutions, appointed by the Executive Committee for a period ranging from three to five years, out of whom at least one member each, will be from (i) Presbyters (ii) Women lay delegates (iii) unrepresented community lay delegates and not more than one from each district. They shall be appointed taking into account of their proficiency in medicine, engineering, law, administration, science and humanities, etc. The Convener and members of the DEB shall not hold any elected or nominated or appointed office other than membership in the Diocesan Council. It is the prerogative of the Executive Committee, with a two third majority to recall any member of the DEB after following all the principles of natural justice, if it finds that member to have indulged in any malpractice.

To maintain continuity of the DEB, one third of the members will retire by rotation at the end of three years and the vacancy being filled by the Executive Committee without changing the character of the composition of the DEB in the initial period and the next one third will retire in the fourth year and the vacancy filled by the Executive Committee without changing the character of the composition of the DEB and the last one third of the members will retire by the end of the fifth year and the vacancies being filled by the Executive Committee, retaining the character of the composition of the DEB.

Diocesan Officers

No Officers

News & Events

  • L.M.S Girls Higher Secondary School, Marthandam Won Prizes in State Level Fencing Competitions
  • L.M.S Girls Higher Secondary School, Marthandam Won Prizes in State Level Fencing Competitions
  • L.M.S Girls Higher Secondary School, Marthandam Won Prizes in State Level Fencing Competitions
  • L.M.S Girls Higher Secondary School, Marthandam Won Prizes in State Level Fencing Competitions
  • L.M.S Girls Higher Secondary School, Marthandam Won Prizes in State Level Fencing Competitions
  • L.M.S Girls Higher Secondary School, Marthandam Won Prizes in State Level Fencing Competitions
  • L.M.S Girls Higher Secondary School, Marthandam Won Prizes in State Level Fencing Competitions
  • L.M.S Girls Higher Secondary School, Marthandam Won Prizes in State Level Fencing Competitions
  • L.M.S Girls Higher Secondary School, Marthandam Won Prizes in State Level Fencing Competitions
  • L.M.S Girls Higher Secondary School, Marthandam Won Prizes in State Level Fencing Competitions
  • L.M.S Girls Higher Secondary School, Marthandam Won Prizes in State Level Fencing Competitions
  • L.M.S Girls Higher Secondary School, Marthandam Won Prizes in State Level Fencing Competitions
  • L.M.S Girls Higher Secondary School, Marthandam Won Prizes in State Level Fencing Competitions
  • L.M.S Girls Higher Secondary School, Marthandam Won Prizes in State Level Fencing Competitions
  • L.M.S Girls Higher Secondary School, Marthandam Won Prizes in State Level Fencing Competitions

L.M.S Girls Higher Secondary School, Marthandam Won Prizes in State Level Fencing Competitions

The State level Fencing competition for the School students for the academic year 2019-2020 was held at Cheran College of Physical Education, Karur, on 21st and 22nd January 2020. In that competition, the students of LMS Girls Higher Secondary School Marthandam, under the auspices of the Kanyakumari Diocese of the Church of South India (CSI), participated and had won many prizes. The winners were:

  • N.V. Benisha – Gold Medal,
  • M. Abitha – Silver Medal,
  • N.V. Jenisha – Silver Medal,
  • K. S. Ashmi – Silver Medal,
  • Diffi Gladlin Daniel – Bronze Medal,
  • C. Abisha – Bronze Medal.

The winners were honoured by our Bishop Rt Rev. Dr A. R. Chelliah in the presence of Rev. Dr Muthuswamy Christhudhas (Corporate Manger of Diocesan Schools), Mr K. Jeba Moni (Correspondent), Mrs Joyce Punitha (Head Mistress), Ms Y. Mary (Physical Education Director), Mrs B. Ida, Mrs D. Lisa Raja Kumari (Physical Education Teachers ), and all the teaching and Non-teaching Staff.

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  • Third Batch of Divyabodhini Classes at CSI Kanyakumari Diocese.
  • Third Batch of Divyabodhini Classes at CSI Kanyakumari Diocese.
  • Third Batch of Divyabodhini Classes at CSI Kanyakumari Diocese.
  • Third Batch of Divyabodhini Classes at CSI Kanyakumari Diocese.
  • Third Batch of Divyabodhini Classes at CSI Kanyakumari Diocese.
  • Third Batch of Divyabodhini Classes at CSI Kanyakumari Diocese.

Third Batch of Divyabodhini Classes at CSI Kanyakumari Diocese.

The Third Batch of ‘Divyabodini’ Classes by the Women’s Fellowship of CSI Kanyakumari Diocese commenced on 28.01.2020

The Women Fellowship of CSI Kanyakumari Diocese conducts a Theological programme for women "Divyabodini". The third batch got underway at the CSI Christ Church Azhagiamandabam on the 28th January 2020.

The programme was inaugurated by the Diocesan Bishop Rt Revd Dr A.R. Chelliah in the presence of Dr. Mrs. Felicia Chelliah (President, Women's Fellowship) and Revd Charlet Soundar Rajan (secretary, Women's Fellowship).

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